Sarah Conaway
Empty Vessel
March 21 – May 2, 2015
Opening reception Saturday March 21, 6-9 pm







I began to think that as each image changes in content and form, that there is also the thought that each transformation is just another iteration in an endless possibility of performative forms. The gray backdrop, the black backdrop, the cardboard, the sticks, the branches, the bowl, the blocks, the chewing gum, the felt, the Styrofoam, the burlap represent and/or transform into architectural spaces, figures, or the works of the Surrealists.

Tea Room I and Tea Room II, Branch I and Branch II, and The Battle [Left Panel] and The Battle [Right Panel]. These works all seek to inhabit an art historical space. They are transubstantiations and inhabitations of works to be found in Art History Text Books. They seek to create a tension between a beautiful formality and an “offness”. These works, created with meager materials require a belief in transformation. 

 A thing. The thing. A thing. The thing. A thing. The thing. A thing. The thing. A thing. The thing. A thing. The thing.--Radiate!--Do textures matter?--I don’t have an aura. I don’t think I can get one. I’m empty. Dead. There is nothing in there. Trapped. Lost. Alone. Misguided. Angry. Torpored. Dumb. Dull. 

{Clouds} [Archways] [Torsos] (Ovals) [Structures] [Figures]

 {insert object here}

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Sarah Conaway The Box / Los Angeles


Flash Art 

By Jared Baxter

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Sarah Conaway

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by Travis Diehl

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