Jan 30 2014

The Box Crew at the Los Angeles Art Book Fair 2014

Don't miss some of The Box crew at the Los Angeles Art Book Fair 2014! 


Thursday, January 30  ---  LAFMS performing

The Box and East of Borneo present: The Los Angeles Free Music Society (LAFMS) performing live on the KCHUNG Radio Stage, 6 - 8 pm

6pm: John Wiese + Ted Byrnes

7pm: Extended Organ




Sunday, February 2  --- Simone Forti reading for Artists Read Baldessari

1 - 3 pm, RSVP required due to limited space.


Artists and special surprise guests will read from More Than You Wanted to Know About John Baldessari (eds. Meg Cranston and Hans Ulrich Obrist, JRP|Ringier), two new volumes from the publisher’s complete Baldessari writings project. Featuring previously unpublished texts, notes to students, course handouts, texts on other artists and portions of his notebooks,the volumes are an experiment in how a literary genre might encompass artists’ writings, having them stand alone in a book without images. 


Ongoing Exhibition  --- Leigh Ledare

Check out this collaborative project created exclusively for the LA Art Book Fair by Leigh Ledareand Nicolas Guagnini, presented by Andrew Roth and PPP Editions. It consists of an intervention into 100 books on the social sciences: Marxism, psychoanalysis, linguistics, anthropology, philosophy, literary and art criticism, cultural studies, and literature. The intervention consists of circular holes filled with a variation of positions and possibilities within human sexual interaction.



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